How it all Started

After a long journey of finding what products/routines work best for her skin and hair, Nyeesha realized that people of color are surrounded by subliminal marketing and products that teach us to create habits of self-hate. As she had to unlearn everything [she thought] she knew about being black & beautiful, she learned to incorporate ingredients that loved her skin & hair and, in turn, helped her create new habits of self-love.


She discovered a passion to not only protect and embrace her melanin a little bit more everyday but most importantly, provide a space for others to do the same. She is now making products (with ingredients that teach love instead of hate), and selling them under the name "Glowden (Golden +Glow) Organics" as a way to give herself a space to act on this passion.


Glowden Organics offers natural, handmade substitutes for products that include harsh chemicals & cause damage to our physical and/or mental health.  All products include nourishing elements that complement & protect our melanin, instead of stripping it.


Nyeesha, Founder

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 "Where it all Began"